Importance of Aqualyx in Fat and Cellulite Reduction

Importance of Aqualyx in Fat and Cellulite Reduction

Health and fitness industry is booming so rapidly that today its global worth is at nearly $100 billion. Aesthetic part of fitness still remains the basic motivation of people to approach different diets and techniques. You can explore, experiment and endeavour what works best for you.

Healthy lifestyle can increase your age and will to live. Although, you might have achieved your goals in terms of fitness, there can be still some parts of your body which can make you a little insecure. Spot reduction of fat in the body is nearly impossible. There are many medical treatments that can help you climb one step further and get the body that you really desire. One option is Aqualyx.

What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx product is a solution of deoxycholic acid, a substance which, when given in high amounts, can cause destruction and reduction of fat cells. Technique of injecting the Aqualyx in specific parts of the body is called Aquaplasty or Aqualyx Mesotherapy. This is a non surgical, injection treatment used to get rid of those stubborn fat pockets which cannot be removed with exercise. This technique can be used on various parts of body like- face, neck, back, thighs, arms, stomach etc.


Who should get the Aqualyx treatment?

Any person who has achieved their fitness goals but are not able to get rid of those particular fat pockets can get this treatment done and see some remarkable results. Remember this is not a weight loss treatment. It creates a contouring effect on the body part where it is injected. You should only go with it if you have a steady, healthy lifestyle and are happy with your weight and basic structure of your body.

Yes, men can also get this done, depending on what their wants.

How the treatment works?

Injections are injected into specific body parts with a little anaesthesia, to numb the area. It causes lysis of the fat cells, i.e. it ruptures the cell membrane causing disintegration of the cell. Hence, reduce the fat from the part, giving the contouring effect.

Aqualyx Injectable Treatment

Are there any side effects?

Once you get the injections, there might be some swelling and redness for several hours. But they disappear within the time span of 2 to 3 days.

How long does it take to show the effect?

After the session, it might take three to four weeks to show the results properly. Sometimes, swelling can persist for a little longer, which means results will be better.

Are there any regimens that need to be followed after the treatment?

There are some points that you need to keep in mind:

  • Do not apply cosmetics to the treated area for 12 hours or as your doctor may suggest.
  • Avoid direct heat and sunlight on the area.
  • Take a healthy diet and drink lots of fluids.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks or any kind of intake that might trigger a reaction.

Ask your doctor, if you have any special condition or regime that you include in your daily lifestyle.

Is it a permanent solution?

Yes. As long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle and take care of your body, affects from your treatment will be visible. Although, fat cells can be regenerated by the body, but the process is very slow and the results are as good as permanent.

Final thoughts

If you want that desired toned body and exercise don’t seem to work for that little part, then you can consider this treatment. There are rarely any side effects and results are good. You don’t have to alter any life choices. Having that aesthetically desiring and pleasing body will also uplift your confidence, which is a great factor affecting your success.

What is Aqualyx?