INNO-EXFO BIO C 5 x 2ml + 5 x 2ml

INNO-EXFO BIO C 5 x 2ml + 5 x 2ml

INNO-EXFO BIO C 5 x 2ml + 5 x 2ml

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INNO-EXFO BIO C is a set of 2 solutions which exfoliate the skin softly, achieving a spectacular glow effect. After a single session, the skin will have a rejuvenated and brighter appearance. The combined action of different gentle acids contained in solution 1 boosts epidermal hydration. This effect is reinforced with Solution 2, which forms an impermeable film of hyaluronic acid and provides the skin with the keratinocyte-protective effects of vitamin C. The treatment improves skin elasticity and firmness and boosts skin glow.

Solution 1: 5 x 2ml

Solution 2: 5 x 2ml

Key benefits:

- Photoaging prevention

- Sensitive skin

- To maintain the effects of previous peels

Key ingredients:

Solution 1:

- Lactobonic Acid

- Mandelic Acid

- Lactic Acid

- Glycolic Acid

- Smart GPS

Solution 2:

- Ascorbic Acid

- Silanol

- Hyaluronic Acid

- Vitamin A

- Smart GPS

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