Radiesse + Lidocaine 1x 0.8ml

RADIESSE® + LIDOCAINE 1 syringe x 0.8ml per pack

RADIESSE® + LIDOCAINE 1 syringe x 0.8ml per pack

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Radiesse® 0,8ml Lidocaine chemical's composition is rich in active ingredients, with powerful corrective, healing and analgesic action.The calcium hydroxylapatite, the water and the glycerine are perfectly combined with the sodium carboxymethylcellulose, which acts as a real shield at the injection site. This allows the skin tissue to regenerate unobstructedly, until the gel turns into collagen.Last touches to your complete comfort adds the lidocaine, which makes the procedure perfectly painless.

What are the benefits of Radiesse® 0,8ml Lidocaine:

A painless injection procedure, due to the added lidocaine

Reduction of the fold, in the area between the mouth and the nose

Reduction of the wrinkles in the corners of the lips

Removing the wrinkles over the upper lip

Treatment of scars, resulting from acne and other skin problems

Correction of the nose and the chin

Redefining and tightening the facial contour in the area of ​​the lower jaw

Product Details:

1 x 0,8ml syringe

More Information
Size 1x0.8ml
Licensed Product No
Registration Required No
Brand Radiesse
Country Origin This product is of European origin

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